A Strategic Forensic Engineering, Cyber Security, and E-discovery Organization With a Global Presence

Our team has been hired in 1000s of engagements around the globe; worked with 100s of companies including; twenty of the Fortune 100 companies; six of the ten top law firms.


Our consulting team has a proven track record of delivering solutions to law firms, companies, government, and non-profits all over the world that secure, technically sound, and cost effective. The services provided by the Cyber Security Strategy Consulting Team at Law and Forensics are unique in that we specialize in mitigating complex cyber threats by applying outside-the-box methodologies and before-the-fact thinking.

Computer Forensics

Law & Forensics has worked on some of the most intricate and large-scale investigations, both in the private and public sectors, in the United States and abroad. We are recognized as one of the most responsive, well-equipped, and highly certified teams for conducting complex forensic investigations. We have performed thousands of electronic forensic investigations on PDAs, cell phones, smartphones, tablets, Xboxes, and laptops.


Law & Forensics helps clients dealing with E-Discovery survive cases, device settlement strategy, and mage trial outcomes by managing the burdens, costs, and potential pitfalls surrounding E-Discovery. Although the process is well established in the legal profession, E-Discovery is still a relatively new demand on parties. We help resolve the litany of issues and complications that are common to the E-Discovery process to get the best results for our clients.

"Law and Forensic's team members bring not only years of legal experience in the areas of compliance, e-discovery, privacy, and information security, but a wealth of vertical knowledge and expertise in dealing with global consumer companies. This puts them in a unique position to bridge the gap between the business, technology, and legal stakeholder when solving issues."

CISO at Major Hospital
"Law & Forensics' team members have a unique combination of skills. Deep technical knowledge and legal acumen allow the members to find solutions more rapidly than others in the field. Through their knowledge, drive, and rapid analytic skills, the team is a force to be reckoned with. I highly recommend them."

Chief Privacy Officer and Partner at a Highly Ranked Law Firm
"Law & Forensics' team members embody a rare combination of knowledge in both technology and law -- especially in the cyber arena. Instead of simply providing legal advice to their clients, the team provides clear, concise and pragmatic counsel. This counsel to clients that have been subjected to cyber intrusions is really unparalleled in the legal cyber community."

Senior Subject Matter Expert at Information and Advisory Services Company
"Law & Forensics' team members combine real hands on experience with a restless intellectual curiosity, bringing it to bear on the crucial nexus of cybersecurity, law and technology. With real expertise in each of these fields and their critical interactions they have a frontline position and perspective on many of the most challenging issues our society, economy, and national security now face."

Seasoned Entrepreneurial CEO in Cyber Security
"Law & Forensics' team members always impressed me with their clear understanding of how rapidly-emerging technology could best be harnessed to meet the business needs of the Department of Justice and other Federal agencies. Their early contributions to the Department's enterprise architecture and OMB's e-Government initiatives helped the Justice Department to later receive OMB's highest e-Government evaluation."

Special Expert at the Office of the CIO, Dept. of Health and Human Services
"Law & Forensics' team members' commitment level to projects, initiative and growth is unmatched. They are always looking for the new edge and always have a new way to look at something. They have "can do" personalities and attitudes. Put your hat on and get ready for a thrilling ride, This team will be sure to bring you and your organization to the top."

Co-Founder of Major Technology Company